Bursting out of winter

I love all the seasons but sometimes I just feel like rushing them! Here it is in the middle of winter and I just CANNOT WAIT for warmer weather! I am bursting to bust out of my winter hibernation!! Here’s to warmer weather, short shorts with plenty of holes in them, and springtime happiness!!! Stay warm my lovlies and burst forth with me!!! xoxoxo!!!

Bursting out all over

Skin: Jade Olive – Bare Lips C2 Freckles – PXL.
Derrière and Legs: Cute Azz – L.inc.
Beauty Mark: POS3 Dark DX – PXL.
Hair: Daria Type A – Topaz – D!va.
Eyes: Promise – Chocolate – Ikon.
Lashes: C01 Natural – FTL.
More Lashes: Mesh Lashes – Al Vulo.
Liner: Essentials – Royale – Buzzeri.
Lipstick: Glossy Pout – Plum – Pink Fuel – Temporary Location.
More Lipstick: Glossy Pout – 50% Opacity – Love – Pink Fuel – Temporary Location.
Beauty Mark: Position 3 – Dark – PXL.
Nails: ULTRA Mesh – Jamman.
Top: Tank – Blue – Blueberry.
Arm warmers: XXS – Blue – Blueberry.
Sweater: Summer Nights Cardigan – Beige – TokiD.
Scarf: Ladie’s Small – Rainbowstripes – BoHo HoBo.
Shorts: Miss New Booty Shorties – Supa Ripped Blu – TartCake.
Ring: Dahlia – Pink – Leonard.
Earrings: Drop Hoops – MM.
Socks: Scrunched – Brown – Maitreya.
Shoes: Punisher – Black – Candy Doll.
Pose: 11 – Manifeste.
Location: Happy Mood.



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