Show me your heart

The Whore Couture Fair started yesterday and oh wow, so many many cool items you simply must go see! There are, oh, about 119 shops, so don’t delay, LOL! Here I am wearing some items from the fair – lingerie from Blah, a sweater from t.s.g., shoes from Gos (with sexy legs for heels!) – along with my current fave skin from Curio. Have fun at the fair and to better help fight the crowds, I recommend wearing an “invisible” low lag outfit while your’re there.

♡Stay cuddly and warm!!!♡

P.S.: In the section below the photo I’ve included a link to the backdrop pattern I used in it, along with a Windlight setting I created that I often use for SL fashion photography. For tips on how to use downloaded Windlight settings, please read “How to Install” on my friend Strawberry Singh’s blog page here, or check the Second Life Wiki. Enjoy!!

Lingerie from Blah, and Curio Skin

Skin: Dune – Daisy – Makeup 3 – Brunette – Curio.
Hair: Sayaka2 – Type A – Citrine – D!va.
Eyes: Promise – Chocolate – Ikon.
Lipstick: Kumi – Latte – Lip Tint – Pumpkin – Pink Fuel.
Beauty Mark: POS3 Dark DX – PXL.
Lashes: C01 Natural – FTL.
More Lashes: Mesh Lashes – Al Vulo.
Liner: Essentials – Royale – Buzzeri.
Earrings: Pretty In Pink – Dirty Mind.
Back Tattoo: Shamrock Tramp Stamp 2 – Vegas Baby.
Nails: ULTRA Mesh – Jamman.
Sweater: Bite Me – White – from t.s.g, @ WCF3.
Hair Band: Rose Crown – Pink Tipped – Wishbox.
Lingerie: My Lovable Pois – Pink – from Blah, @ WCF3.
Necklace: Rejuvinated Stitched Heart – Medium – Maxi Gossamer.
Bracelet: Love Heart – Red – Candy Crunchers.
Ring Left Hand: Milk Chocolate Bonbon Topped Heart – Schadenfreude.
Ring Right Hand: LoveHeart – Large – Maxi Gossamer.
Ankle Cuff: Cuff Love – Ankle Cuff Left – from MUKA, @ WCF3.
Shoes: Foxy Platform Sandals – Blush – from Gos, @ WCF3.
Pose: Model_336 – Manifeste.
Wallpaper Background: floral_a2 – Part of the Vintage Floral Textures Pack A, @ Croire.
Windlight Settings: Wisti’s Creme Filling, @ Wisti’s Windlight Settings.


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