So much shopping, so little time

So here’s a few more things I picked up at the Whore Couture Fair, and some stuff from Kustom9 and The Chapter Four, along with some other items in my closet that were just begging me to wear them. So many cool things out there! It just makes my dizzy little head spin even more!

♡Happy spending, dahlings!♡

Lingerie from Blah, and Curio Skin

Skin: Dune – Daisy – Makeup 3 – Brunette – Curio.
Hair: Sayaka2 – Type A – Citrine – D!va.
Eyes: Promise – Chocolate – Ikon.
Lipstick: Kumi – Latte – Lip Tint – Pumpkin – Pink Fuel.
Beauty Mark: POS3 Dark DX – PXL.
Lashes: C01 Natural – FTL.
More Lashes: Mesh Lashes – Al Vulo.
Liner: Essentials – Royale – Buzzeri.
Earrings: Hoop – Licorice – Dirty Mind.
Glasses: Castor – Black – Umeboshi.
Neck Tattoo: Heart – Faded – Aitui.
Nails: ULTRA Mesh – Jamman.
Sweater: Summer Nights Cardigan – Dark– TokiD.
Hair Sticks: With Color Change Globes – Jillian Felicci.
Bodysuit: Lovely – Jeans – from Silly Spoiled Whore, @ WCF3.
Bangles: Painted Daisies – Small – Maxi Gossamer.
Ring Right Hand: LoveHeart – Large – Maxi Gossamer.
Ring Left Hand: Times Square Ring – Kyanite – Dark Blue – Paper Couture.
Tights: Heart – Grey – Izzie’s.
Shoes: Cluber Black Platform – from Candy Doll, @ WCF3.
Purse: Blood Orange Bag – from Le Primitif, @ The Chapter Four.
Pose: Element 9 – from PosESioN, @ Kustom9.
Frame for mirror: Henry Antique Frame – Haute House.
Ladder: Provence – Fanatik.
Power: Geeky Powerstrip with Cords – Second Spaces.
Windlight Settings: Wisti’s Creme Filling, @ Wisti’s Windlight Settings.



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