Retro pop Wisti

Recently, when I was bouncing around art and photos on flickr, which I often do, I found myself looking at pulp cover art from the 1960s, and it struck me that it would be fun to try to recreate a cover in SL using clothing and subjects as close to the original as I could find.  So I found a nice example on James Vaughan’s flickr stream that was painted by the great Robert McGinnis, and I attempted to pay tribute.

The experience of doing it was a blast!  While I could have “pushed” the end result further, I decided to go on to the next task at hand, which was actually buying some books off Amazon for illustration techniques using RL materials. 🙂

I enjoyed shopping for the clothing, especially looking around for hair that came close to what I wanted. In this case, I am actually wearing THREE sets of hair! Once I had the props I wanted, I made myself a pose that approximated the woman on the cover (which was fun in itself). Then all that was left to do was setting up a prim backdrop, adding some LUMIPro lighting, taking the snapshot, pulling it into Photoshop to add some “bubbles”, and poof, I was retro-popped.

She was a silky, sexy swinger ~ from the Carter Brown cover♡

Robert McGinnis Cover Art Tribute

My outfit

Skin: Harley – Latte – Pink Fuel.
Shape: Wisti 2015 – by me.
Hair-1: UREI – Ginger – Argrace.
Hair-2: Windsong – with curly add on – Exile, at C88.
Hair-3: Roosje (no materials) – Mina.
Lipstick: Harley Sheer Gloss – Latte – Nude – Pink Fuel.
Eyes: Lillian – Coyote Medium V2 – [Buzz].
Shadow: Shimmer – Latte – Barely There – Pink Fuel.
Liner: Romy – Dark Line 04 – Glam Affair.
Top: Laurel Lace Bra – Gold- Baiastice, at C88.
Sandals: Jolie – Nude- Pure Poison.
Pose: retro pop Wisti – by me.



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