Retro pop Wisti

Recently, when I was bouncing around art and photos on flickr, which I often do, I found myself looking at pulp cover art from the 1960s, and it struck me that it would be fun to try to recreate a cover in SL using clothing and subjects as close to the original as I could find.  So I found a nice example on James Vaughan’s flickr stream that was painted by the great Robert McGinnis, and I attempted to pay tribute.

The experience of doing it was a blast!  While I could have “pushed” the end result further, I decided to go on to the next task at hand, which was actually buying some books off Amazon for illustration techniques using RL materials. 🙂

I enjoyed shopping for the clothing, especially looking around for hair that came close to what I wanted. In this case, I am actually wearing THREE sets of hair! Once I had the props I wanted, I made myself a pose that approximated the woman on the cover (which was fun in itself). Then all that was left to do was setting up a prim backdrop, adding some LUMIPro lighting, taking the snapshot, pulling it into Photoshop to add some “bubbles”, and poof, I was retro-popped.

She was a silky, sexy swinger ~ from the Carter Brown cover♡

Robert McGinnis Cover Art Tribute

My outfit

Skin: Harley – Latte – Pink Fuel.
Shape: Wisti 2015 – by me.
Hair-1: UREI – Ginger – Argrace.
Hair-2: Windsong – with curly add on – Exile, at C88.
Hair-3: Roosje (no materials) – Mina.
Lipstick: Harley Sheer Gloss – Latte – Nude – Pink Fuel.
Eyes: Lillian – Coyote Medium V2 – [Buzz].
Shadow: Shimmer – Latte – Barely There – Pink Fuel.
Liner: Romy – Dark Line 04 – Glam Affair.
Top: Laurel Lace Bra – Gold- Baiastice, at C88.
Sandals: Jolie – Nude- Pure Poison.
Pose: retro pop Wisti – by me.



Dished out but not taken

Hola a todos mis amigos hermosa. Here I am wearing a gown by Junbug, now at the latest collabor88, and being haunted by my own mysteries. I encourage you to go explore your own dreams/visions/nightmares/oddities, and tell me all about them if you want. I’m a good listener.

♡Hidden in the mystery of consciousness, the mind flies alone, far away.♡

Dished out but not taken

My outfit

Skin: Harley – Latte – Pink Fuel.
Shape: Wisti 2015 – by me.
Hair: HIIRAGI – Classy Brown – Argrace.
Earrings: Petite Fleur – Silver – Maubray.
Lipstick: Harley Sheer Gloss – Latte – Nude – Pink Fuel.
Liner: Romy – Dark Line 04 – Glam Affair.
Shadow: Shimmer – Latte – Barely There – Pink Fuel.
Gown: Betty’s Gown [Sky Floral] – by Junbug, @ collabor88.
Necklace and Bracelet: Pearl & Diamond – by Yummy, @ Uber.
Pose: Model 297 – Manifeste.


Desert heritage

A little mix of new and old, an outfit for a world indifferent to cold. Something from the latest Collabor8, a trek in the desert, an abandoned state. Life should never be lonely – behold: never let your precious soul be sold.

♡Roam where you want to.♡

The heritage of the desert

Skin: Kumi – Latte – Defined – Pink Fuel.
Body: Venus V 0.02 – Belleza.
Hair: 18 / Dark Mocha – Eaters Coma.
Eyes: Promise – Chocolate – Ikon.
Lashes: Mesh Lashes – Al Vulo.
Outfit – Upper: Pocket Knitted Cardigan in Dark Gray – Eaters Coma.
Pants: Side lace pants – Black – by ISON, at Collabor8.
Shoes: Vera in Byzantium – Belleza High – Duncan Giano.
Pose: Model 310 – Manifeste – Temporary Location – July Raymaker.
Sky setting: [NB] Misty Day, 5 PM – Extremely modified.


I bless the rains down in Africa

A busy week draws to an end! I downloaded the latest Firestorm release, but for my old, aging computer, I am afraid it is actually slower than before. And taking photos, loading textures, is REALLY slow, so with this post, a lower-resolution photo was just necessary. (I think I will splurge on a new system!)

Here is some stuff from Collobor88, new hair from Magika, and a cute little elephant from Manticore. (Thank you Maz Pixel for introducing me to him!)

♡Click your heels and think of Toto and home!♡

Africa image

Skin: Jade OL – Bare Lips – Freckles – PXL.
Shape: Wisti 2014 – by me.
Hair: Shine- Magika.
Eyes: Promise – Chocolate – Ikon.
Lipstick: Glossy Pout Lipstick – Bright – Choco – Pink Fuel.
Beauty Mark: POS3 Dark DX – PXL.
Lashes: C01 Natural – FTL.
More Lashes: Mesh Lashes – Al Vulo.
Liner: Essentials – Royale – Buzzeri.
Nails: Ultra Mesh – Jamman.
Jacket and shirt: Blazer with Tank – Grey, by tres blah, currently at Collabor88.
Jeans: Nora Skinny Jeans – Heels No Loops – Faded – mon tissu.
Rings – Left hand: Vintage Girl – Gold – Enfant Terrible.
Elephant: (Modified size) – Manticore.
Pose: 331- Manifeste.
Location: Ode.


Bombers Away

There are some simply adorable bomber jackets out lately, including one by Coco and another by Milk Motion. (I saw one by HOF too!) You can find them now at Fameshed and Collabor88. Happy Linden Spending, Lovelies!!!

Bomber Jackets

On the Left:

Skin: Baba2 – Natural Caramel – al vulo.
Hair: Daria Type A – Brown Diamond – D!va.
Eyes: Promise – Chocolate – Ikon.
Lashes: C01 Natural – FTL.
More Lashes: Mesh Lashes – Al Vulo.
Liner: Essentials – Royale – Buzzeri.
Earrings: Drop Hoops – MM.
Lipstick: Glossy Pout – Choco – Pink Fuel.
Heart Tattoo: Aitui.
Nails: ULTRA Mesh – Jamman.
Jacket: Cosmic Bomber – Blue Stars – Milk Motion @ Collabor88.
Bra: Dusk Bandeau – Sheer- Dirty Mind.
Necklace: Infinity – Kosh.
Leggings: Prince of Walles – La Penderie de Nicole.
Ring: Sleeping Beauty Heart – MG.
More Rings: Vintage Girl Left hand gold – Enfant Terrible.
Belt: Andavi Black – Pepper.
Shoes: Wedge Bootie – Beth – Black – GF.

On the Right:

Skin: Kumi Latte – Pure – LtBrow – Pink Fuel.
Freckles: Pink Fuel.
Hair: Aya Type B – Brown Diamond – D!va.
Eyes: Evening Sky – Medium – PC eyes by LL.
Lashes: C01 Natural – FTL.
Earrings: Petite Fleur – Silver- Maubray.
Lipstick: Kumi Latte – Lip Tint – Pumpkin (Teeth) – Pink Fuel.
Heart Tattoo: Aitui.
Necklace: Lost Eden Cross Short Silver Jet – MG.
Jacket (Hands in pockets): Bomber Black – Coco @ Fameshed.
Bra: Lycia Lace Bandeau – Charcoal – mon tissu.
Belly Tattoo: – A Simple Galaxy – Faded – Aitui.
Jeans: Nora Skinny – mon tissu.
Shoes: Marilyn Sandals Black Patent – Gos.

Pose: Friends 42 – Focus.


Uruwa Dress

Collabor88 for January 2014 is winding down, so if you haven’t yet, go check it out. Love the Uruwa Dress from R2. But girlfriends, trust me, you will need some tights or some nice little panties to go with it. 🙂 Luckily at this Collabor88 event, you can pick up some realllly cute undies…I chose something comfy, the Dove bra and knickers set from Steffen Garcia. Happy Spending!!! Muaahh!!!

Teefy Tank - Baiastice Skirt

Skin: Elvi – America – 06 H – Glam Affair.
Freckles: Baby 02 Light – The Sugar Garden.
Body Moles: Pekka.
Hair: Miso – MVW NORWAY 2014 – Platinum – D!va @ Collabor88.
Eyes: Promise – Azure – Ikon @ Fameshed.
Lashes: C01 Natural – FTL.
Liner: Essentials – Royale – Buzzer @ Kustom 9.
Lipstick: Glossy Pout – 50% Opacity – Pink Fuel – Temporary Location.
Beauty Mark: Position 3 – Dark – PXL.
Nails: ULTRA Mesh – Jamman.
Dress: Uruwa pink – R2 @ Collabor88.
Undies: Parisa Knickers – Dove – by Steffen Garcia @ Collabor88.
Ring: Nostalgia – Cae @ Collabor88.
Earrings: Nostalgia – Cae @ Collabor88.
Bangles: Painted Daises, Painted Hearts – MG @ Collabor88.
Feet: Avenhance High- Slink.
Shoes: Bubbles Heels – The Sugar Garden.
Pose: 38 – Manifeste.