Spotlight Avoidance

Hello and Happy New Year beautiful avatars! When it comes to blog posts, I have been laying low lately. What have I been up to, you ask? Why dancing, listening to music and partying with my wonderful SL friends, of course! And also a little bit of shopping. I wouldn’t forget to mention that!

♡Speak softly, and carry a big sticky, gooey cherry popsicle wherever you may go!

Avoiding the spotlight

My outfit

Skin: Harley – Latte – Pink Fuel.
Shape: Wisti 2015 – by me.
Hair: Reading – Hud 3 Magika.
Eyes: Promise – Chocolate – Ikon.
Lipsticks: Harley Sheer Gloss – Latte – Nude, and also wearing Harley – Latte – Stained Pink – Pink Fuel.
Liner: Romy – Dark Line 04 – Glam Affair.
Shadow: Shimmer – Latte – Barely There – Pink Fuel.
Tattoo – Neck: Heart – Faded – Aitui Tatoo.
Blouse: Open Collar – Chambray- tres blah.
Bra: Lingerie – Bra – White Lace – {ViSion}-S&F.
Pants: Skinny Slacks – Black – tres blah.
Necklace: Chi – Amorous.
Ring: CandleBright Ring – Silver – Le Primitif.
Bracelet: Chimera – Amorous.
Shoes: Laud Boots Slink-High – Black – Maitreya .
Pose: Secret 6 – PosESioN.



I bless the rains down in Africa

A busy week draws to an end! I downloaded the latest Firestorm release, but for my old, aging computer, I am afraid it is actually slower than before. And taking photos, loading textures, is REALLY slow, so with this post, a lower-resolution photo was just necessary. (I think I will splurge on a new system!)

Here is some stuff from Collobor88, new hair from Magika, and a cute little elephant from Manticore. (Thank you Maz Pixel for introducing me to him!)

♡Click your heels and think of Toto and home!♡

Africa image

Skin: Jade OL – Bare Lips – Freckles – PXL.
Shape: Wisti 2014 – by me.
Hair: Shine- Magika.
Eyes: Promise – Chocolate – Ikon.
Lipstick: Glossy Pout Lipstick – Bright – Choco – Pink Fuel.
Beauty Mark: POS3 Dark DX – PXL.
Lashes: C01 Natural – FTL.
More Lashes: Mesh Lashes – Al Vulo.
Liner: Essentials – Royale – Buzzeri.
Nails: Ultra Mesh – Jamman.
Jacket and shirt: Blazer with Tank – Grey, by tres blah, currently at Collabor88.
Jeans: Nora Skinny Jeans – Heels No Loops – Faded – mon tissu.
Rings – Left hand: Vintage Girl – Gold – Enfant Terrible.
Elephant: (Modified size) – Manticore.
Pose: 331- Manifeste.
Location: Ode.